Are You Prepared for the Complexity of Success?

Are you prepared for the complexity of success?Entrepreneurs love success. For that matter, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of making progress or overcoming challenges…or just simply winning?

Entrepreneurship is all about what’s possible – what we can create – or the boundaries that we feel compelled to push and expand.

But with success there comes the need to manage more people, satisfy more customers, and maintain more processes.

In his book Simple Number, Straight Talk, Big Profits – 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential, Greg Crabtree refers to the “black hole,” i.e. the point at which the needs of the business force you to add staff and invest in infrastructure before you can really afford to. This usually occurs when revenues are somewhere between $1M and $5M.

If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. If not and you’re growing, you’ll eventually get there. Things just start to become more complex.

How to Manage the Complexities in Your Business

It boils down to a few key essentials:

It’s really that straightforward. Focus on these things and you will reduce the complexity within your organization.

Your “People” issues top the list of complexities

Not surprisingly, managing “human capital” can lead to the complexities that we must manage well. The Accountability Chart is a great place to start since this is your tool for clarity on two levels: Identifying the right structure for your organization and determining who’s responsible for what.

The weekly Level 10 meeting is another tool within the EOS toolbox that helps leadership teams stay on track. Continue to meet weekly, stick to the powerful agenda, and you’re almost guaranteed to stay on track.

The complexities of your business can creep up on you over time. You can help manage them by staying crystal clear about your company vision while utilizing effective tools and techniques to stay on course.

Now there’s nothing complex about that…

Next Steps

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