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BY Dean Breyley

Turning an Issue Into a Solution

Admitting that we or our businesses have “issues” doesn’t make us any less effective, incapable, or less likely to be successful as an entrepreneur — it just makes us normal.

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No More ‘Guess Who’ With GWC™

Making sure that you have the ‘Right People’ (Core Values Fit), in the ‘Right Seats’ (Job Roles), is fundamental to the success and growth of your company. Having any number of people in the wrong roles is a defining factor of whether any business grows or stalls in the long term.

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The Hedgehog and the Fox

core focus in business Are you a hedgehog or a fox in business? ’The Hedgehog and the Fox’ by Isaiah Berlin describes how the world can be divided into two types. The wily fox is cunning and knows many things, using various complex strategies to attack the hedgehog. Whereas the hedgehog is single-minded and only knows one big thing- rolling up into a perfect sphere of sharp spikes to defend itself against the fox. Surprisingly, the stubborn hedgehog always wins despite the many different tactics the crafty fox uses.

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