Trusting The Process

Trusting the EOS Process

Do you know what it takes not to just thrive, but to dominate your industry?

Yes, I know that answer depends a lot on the industry. But I also know that following EOS purely and consistently, year after year, is what creates strong, enduring cultures that can adapt to the change and drive long-term growth.

As a Certified EOS Implementer®, I’ve seen the most impressive results come from trusting the EOS Process® and rolling the system out to all employees.

I honestly have to tell you that I think EOS will change the world, one small business at a time.[tweetquote]

After working with more than 100 clients throughout over 800 session days using the EOS Model® and proven tools, I’ve heard a lot of inspiring stories. But one particular client – owners of a second-generation construction company, soon to be third generation – has taken the EOS Process and really run with it.

They are the most down-to-earth, incredible people who just so happen to be following EOS purely, without deviating one bit. And I have to tell you, they’re killing it!  They have integrated their V/TO™ (Vision/Traction Organizer™) completely into the company culture. By focusing on following EOS purely and rolling it out to all employees — without adding other tools or competing systems — they have had amazing success.

Sharing the Vision

Once these business owners and their leadership team were on the same page, they rolled out EOS to the entire company, with a core values speech. Then, they shared their  V/TO with layer after layer until 100% of their organization was committed, too.

Rolling out  EOS to every member of the company meant everyone had their own Rocks for the quarter. Everyone had a number they were accountable for at the Level 10 Meeting™. Most importantly, direct reports got a Quarterly Conversation™ with their manager. The leaders stayed consistent in their messaging and continued to follow the process. They trusted that process and never strayed.
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Results through Engagement

Then a funny thing started to happen.

Leaders saw an entire paradigm shift in the company culture. Once every employee got the company’s vision and they began to trust leadership, their behaviors and attitudes changed.

Following the EOS Process created new levels of engagement, productivity and innovation. Every person in the business saw the long-term goals and the impact that their role could have on those goals. They felt part of the company’s future and were empowered to share their ideas and solve their issues.

Pretty soon, the leaders became re-energized by their employees. Now not only were they sharing information across the company, but every layer had the opportunity to cascade issues back up to the leadership level. Leaders found their roles fun, exciting, and different.

The passion employees had for EOS was actually holding the leaders accountable to continue to follow the course! This became a reinforcing loop that the company would continue running on EOS purely into the future!  As new leaders came on board, they also learned the system.

Impact More than Just Business

By rolling out EOS to the entire organization, I’ve seen transformation happen many times, especially when the entire organization is aligned with its core values and buys into the V/TO.

Through this kind of continuous learning model, the company experiences a renewal of a commitment that employees have for the company. That energy and success allow the company to gain Traction® and spills out beyond an individual role or the company’s growth.

It has a positive impact on personal lives, too.

People feel healthier and happier. Stress is reduced.  Relationships at home improve. Employees find the energy to do more with their passions. Their entire community feels the impact. The effect ripples out farther and farther.

So, when people ask me, “Chris, do you really think EOS can change the world?” I say, “Yes, I know it can.”

When you see the results firsthand, it doesn’t take long to make you a believer, too.

Next Steps:

  • Thinking of implementing EOS in your company? Request a free 90 Minute Meeting with an EOS Implementer® to get an overview of EOS and how it can help you!
  • Order What The Heck Is EOS? for every employee in your company. Save 50% off the retail price when you order 20+ hardcover copies of the book through the Traction Library!
  • Take the Organizational Checkup® to get a picture of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a roadmap for improvement.

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