Two Ways to Implement EOS

Ready to Implement EOS® into your business?

Now that you’ve decided to run your business on EOS®, your next step is choosing one of two paths forward:

1.  Hire an EOS Implementer

No matter how simple the concepts and practical the tools, it’s very hard to change your own organization from the inside out. A Certified EOS Implementer is a fully trained EOS expert who will obsess about helping you and your team:

  • Follow the EOS Process™ and implement the tools purely
  • Achieve mastery more quickly
  • Create more accountability throughout your organization
  • Solve tough issues for the long-term and greater good
  • Work together as a cohesive, functional team 
  • Get more of the right stuff done every week
  • Clarify, simplify and achieve your vision

2.  Self–Implement EOS

If you prefer to implement EOS on your own, use these tools and tips to improve your chances of success:
  • Start the journey by inviting a certified or professional EOS Implementer to conduct a pure 90 Minute Meeting
  • Have every member of your team read Traction and Get A Grip
  • Choose an “internal EOS Implementer” from your leadership team
  • Have your internal Implementer join Base Camp
  • When your Implementer is fully prepared, follow the EOS Process purely
  • Stick with it. EOS is simple, not easy
  • If you get stuck, ask the EOS Implementer who conducted your 90 Minute Meeting for assistance. We’re always here to help

Tips for Choosing an Internal EOS Implementer

Great internal EOS Implementers are:

  • – Passionate about business and change
  • – Effective at running meetings and keeping a team focused
  • – The right balance of driver and facilitator
  • – Comfortable with conflict and tough conversations
  • – Insatiable learners and effective teachers
  • – Typically NOT Visionaries

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