The Case for LMA™

As a boss, have you ever felt the need to hold someone accountable? If you’re like most bosses, the answer is likely: “Yes, all the time!” Reflect on this for a moment. Wouldn’t your role as a boss be more enjoyable if your people held themselves and each other accountable? The fact is accountability is something people accept – willingly. Your role as a boss is to create the right environment for them to do just that. Consider this the case for LMA™.

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Three Levels to Achieve Focused Leadership

Years ago, during a dinner party, both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet said that focus helped them accomplish their achievements. When the leaders of the organization focus on leading, the business thrives. But achieving focus doesn’t just happen; you have to work through three levels to achieve focused leadership.

Your Secret Weapon Against the Great Resignation – Using EOS® to Find and Retain Talent

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For the past two years, Implementers have been watching their clients struggle with the pandemic, supply chain issues, and now, HIRING. It’s an epidemic and it’s severely impacting the small to mid-sized businesses they work with. Regardless of the industry, hiring/recruiting is the number one issue on all of my clients’ Issues Lists.


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