S2E7: Danijela and Vladimir Kovacevic | Keep An Eye On Your Ego

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The EOS Leader
S2E7: Danijela and Vladimir Kovacevic | Keep An Eye On Your Ego

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Danijela and Vladimir Kovacevic, founders of Inovatec, describe how culture, communication, and passion are fundamental to business and personal success. Danijela and Vlad have learned that the key to leading and living well is to focus on just doing the right thing.

Use Ego Well

Danijela and Vlad grew up in Serbia and immigrated to the US on sports scholarships during the Yugoslav war at the turn of the century. Little did they know that in a few years they would be at the helm of their own company. 

They founded Inovatec in 2006 to help clients leverage technology to solve business problems. Today, it is a leading provider of modular lending platforms for the auto and equipment finance industry in both the US and Canada.

Examples of leadership from their early life played a huge role in Danijela’s and Vlad’s current success. Danijela recalls how her father led with passion, integrity, hard work, and persistence, and she strives to emulate those qualities today. Vlad adds that ego was central to his experience of leadership growing up:

[Vlad 20:40] “Strong egos are very important, but they need to be used properly.”

In Serbia, Vlad witnessed in a serious way what happens to individuals when ego leads them down the wrong path. Let your ego propel you to be someone who propels others and society toward a better future.

Slow Decisions Can Improve Outside Perception

Vlad reflects that although his company may not be experiencing any major problems at a given moment in time, it doesn’t mean its smaller problems are insignificant. Small problems can impact the fate of an individual or how others perceive your business.

He has found that listening and practicing restraint in the decision-making process have helped him confront problems of all sizes with perspective. Slowing down has helped him make better decisions that are more considerate of individuals and contribute to a positive image.

Lead Consistently

Danielja and Vlad agree that leading by the same principles at home and at work has helped them flourish in both contexts.

[Danielja 28:18] “At every moment in time, focus on doing the right thing and disregard all of [the] outside distractions… and negative comments.”

Go back to the basics. Staying true to your core values is the foundation of success.

Communication Brings Clarity 

Communication is a critical piece of any business, family, and relationship. Danielja and Vlad schedule time during the week at lunchtime to take a hike and get a pulse on the business. 

By prioritizing communication, they’ve learned each other’s leadership styles, when to push the other, and when to let go of their own ideas.

[Vlad 36:59] “The most important thing you need to focus on is clarity.”

Clarity allows you to stay persistent, on the right track, and to bring your team with you. It’s a challenging journey, but with the right tools you can become a true leader.

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