S1E1: Why Communication is Key to Successful Business Communities | MaKara Rumley

We Run on EOS
We Run on EOS
S1E1: Why Communication is Key to Successful Business Communities | MaKara Rumley

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MaKara Rumley, founder and CEO of Hummingbird Firm, discusses the impact that relationships and communication have on the path toward achieving your vision.

MaKara has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which was huge in her transition into the field of environmental justice, as well as the way she approached her work as a political EPA appointee under the Obama administration. 

The connections she made in this role revealed an opportunity that MaKara’s visionary nature embraced. When working with those in need, she noticed the cultural gap in communication. 

Hummingbird Firm offers six steps to facilitate communication between communities and those working on environmental projects. Each step is centered around relationships. 

MaKara has faced challenges within these relationships, balancing divergent viewpoints and creating a space of collaboration. But she has a mindset that empowers all parties:

[11:36] “The point is not for everyone to agree. The point often is for people to feel like they were heard and to see something of what they said or their ideas in the final product. And if that can occur, take the time to tell ’em why.”

Hummingbird Firm’s emphasis on relationships and the integration of creativity and logic, inspired by EOS®, has enabled their growth and sharpened their focus on their mission. Transformation, from communication strategies to team development, has been instrumental in their success.

MaKara breaks down how tools like The People Analyzer® influence the efficiency of her business, and Hummingbird’s EOS Implementer® Shea Peffly joins the conversation to share how MaKara’s vision inspired her to step up and support the business. 

Shea and MaKara discuss how the Visionary/Implementer relationship acts as the core of the business. They also discuss how the steps they take in communicating with the team at Hummingbird have led to further growth in those relationships and the business’s success. 

The internal community that MaKara and Shea describe creates a foundation for their business, because if their team can communicate, they can help others do the same. 


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Entrepreneurial leaders thrive under pressure… sometimes until they collapse. When things get intense, people depend on them to come in clutch, both in business and in life. The We Run on EOS podcast honors the moments when entrepreneurs rose to the occasion for their companies through transformational game-changers. Host Pam Kosanke, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, fellow entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports, learned how to use the massive pressures she faced to forge her own personal transformation. Join her conversations with our guests as they celebrate decisions that ultimately helped guide them to greatness. You just might pick up a play or two from them to level up your own entrepreneurial game.

About Pam Kosanke

Pam Kosanke is an award-winning leader, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports. She has deep experience working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses and across a variety of industries, including franchising, packaged goods, quick-service restaurants, professional services, sports marketing, and retail. Pam has faced all types of challenges, reached the most aggressive goals, navigated nearly every kind of crisis. Throughout her career, she’s continually proven her ability to lead teams to victory on every stage – as an athlete, marketing professional, and entrepreneur.

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