Leadership Team Development #20 – Leadership Management Accountability

This is the concluding article in our Leadership Team Development series. Throughout the past weeks, I have challenged you to ask yourself ten questions to assess your effectiveness as a leader and a manager.

The 5 leadership questions:

  • Am I giving clear direction?
  • Am I providing the necessary tools?
  • Am I letting go of the vine?
  • Am I acting with the greater good in mind?
  • Am I taking Clarity Breaks?

The 5 management questions:

  • Am I keeping expectations clear?
  • Am I communicating well?
  • Do I have the right meeting pulse?
  • Am I doing quarterly one-on-ones?
  • Am I rewarding and recognizing?

In your next quarterly one-on-one with your direct reports, ask them these questions to get their input on how you are doing. It’s important that we don’t kid ourselves as leaders and managers. If the answers are truly and consistently yes to all of the questions, you are a great leader and manager.

Great Leadership + Great Management = Great Accountability

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