EOS Tools to Find Stillness

Eos Tools to find stillness

When you own a business, you often (or always!) operate at breakneck speed. And without an operating system in place, you probably never stop.

Maybe you think you can’t slow down if you want to continue to grow. But actually, I’ve found you can’t grow unless you take your nose away from the grindstone now and again. When you pause business as usual and embrace the stillness it brings, you can get your bearings. I encourage all my clients to use EOS Foundational Tools™ to find stillness to better their businesses.

Quieting the Noise

You can easily lose sight of your priorities as a business owner when you’re running around like a crazy person. The EOS Tools can help you get a basic operating structure in place to stop the madness.

By using the Vision Traction/Organizer™ (V/TO™), you have a roadmap of where you want to go. And the Accountability Chart™ will tell you who’s driving which parts of the business that will get you there.

Crystallize your vision and align your team

Through EOS, you can put processes in place that gradually allow you to have more time for personal development. Gradually, you stop feeling like a chicken with its head cut off all the time. And by taking a Clarity Break™, you get a breath of fresh air and a better perspective.

In that stillness, you can find wonderful and mysterious things about yourself. Not everyone is receptive to that right away because it can feel scary to “go deep.”

Partial Credit

Some of my clients have gotten so used to being reactive that they can only handle part of that stillness. It takes time to get used to the experience. Business owners get that time when they Delegate and Elevate™ to their leadership teams. Everyone — even the busiest of owners — can learn to ask themselves what they can let go of.

Freeing up some of their time allows owners, like one of my clients in construction, to work on their business instead. He learned to let go of having to do every little thing in his business. And in the stillness, he realized that it had been awhile since he connected with his regular and bigger clients. He was able to renew those relationships in a way that increased client retention and added services.

The Many Benefits of Stillness

In my younger years, I operated at high speed in multiple businesses at once. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I rank high as a Maximizer in Strengthsfinder. I always want to make the most of everything and make the most of myself. So, I get how hard it can be to slow down. It doesn’t come naturally for me either.

I counted up over the years and I’ve worked in or on 166 different companies. At each of them, I learned different things. What to do and what not to do. And nowhere have I found a model better than EOS to focus the human energy that makes a company work. From the guy who drives the backhoe to the founder of the company, every single person in a business can benefit from the stillness its leaders find through using EOS. Is your business ready?


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