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How to Fire a Family Member in a Family Business

No one, especially family members, wants to perform badly and have no one talk about it. Getting these conversations out in the open is hard, but also kind and productive. Invest in your family business by following this process with all employees, especially family members.

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Using Your Scorecard In A Crisis

Video excerpt from the EOS Lead Now Webinar: Scorecard in a Crisis. Watch the complete video here. Leaders of entrepreneurial companies are usually being pulled in many directions at once. When everything feels so mission-critical, it can be difficult to know what to tackle first. That’s where data comes in. Referring to the data on

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Scorecard in a Crisis

Don’t stop tracking! Get insight into using a scorecard during a crisis with Community Leader CJ DuBe’, Head Coach Mark O’Donnell, and Certified EOS Implementer® Jonathan B. Smith.

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Listening to your Rumble Strips

EOS-rumblestrips-580x365pxIt has almost certainly happened to each of us – you’re driving down the road on cruise control. You’re not doing anything reckless, but your mind is on a million things besides the stretch of road you’re on. You’re thinking about your destination, how long it will take to get there, whether you have enough gas, what’s for lunch, and why no one seems to know how to use a turn signal any more.

The next thing you know, you’re literally shaken back into focus by the rumble strip just on the other side of the white line. You’ve drifted a bit, so you make a slight course correction to straighten things out, and continue on your way with more focused direction.

No big deal, right? Right. But things could have gotten really dicey if it weren’t for that rumble strip.

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