Work to Live or Live to Work? The Answer Lies Somewhere in the Middle

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You’ve probably heard it asked before, and it’s a question that can be at the root of finding your personal work-life balance. Are you working to live, or are you living to work?  

While people who work to live view their job as important, they often view it as “just a job.” They may take a better work arrangement to allow time and energy to be spent on other aspects of their lives, like family time. 

At the other end of the spectrum are people who live to work. While they love what they do, they’re often so consumed with work that they may not have much personal life outside of work. They may find that their personal relationships take a backseat to their business. 

Some people may fall into one of these more extreme categories. But for those of us living The EOS Life®, the reality is that we don’t need to fall into the “working to live vs. living to work” mentality. With the right mindset – and the right type of help – we can be devoted to advancing professionally while also making our personal lives a priority.

How do we achieve that coveted work-life balance so that we can truly thrive both in our professional lives and in our personal lives? How can we ensure we reach our metrics at work while making the Little League game? How can we be seen as someone equally committed to growing our business and being present for our families? How do we reach that happy medium between working to live and living to work so that we really can have it all?

The Right Delegation = The Right Balance

As I’ve seen with countless clients throughout the years, the answer lies in mastering a skill proven to change only how people work. Delegation can literally change people’s lives. 

So many leaders today spend far too much time on the $25/hour tasks that waste their valuable time. These tasks can easily, and much more cost-effectively, be done by someone else. Successfully delegating and handing off the time-consuming tasks that often bog you down as a Visionary or Integrator™, you free up time to concentrate on the bigger-picture tasks of growing a business. Equally important, you can be your best, most productive, and totally present self both at work and at home. And you can reap incomparable and priceless rewards in both your professional and personal life. 

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Delegating to a highly trained and skilled virtual assistant is a great way to streamline your daily tasks. Delegating to a virtual assistant maximizes your time, allowing you to balance living to work and working to live. 

In particular, delegating to a virtual assistant specifically trained in EOS® – and who knows and loves the EOS Process® as much as you do – is the perfect way to grow your business. The right virtual assistant can also help you gain that happy-medium work-life balance we aspire to achieve.

The Right Balance = The Right Work Style

As someone who fell in love with the EOS Process more than a decade ago, I recognize the value of not only ensuring that leaders have the right tools to master delegation but also matching them with virtual assistants trained in EOS. As the preferred assistant service provider for companies Running On EOS™, we have matched many professionals with virtual assistants trained in EOS, enabling them to grow their businesses while finding happiness and fulfillment both at work and at home.

Live to Work or Work to Live?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. With the right type of delegation, the right mindset, and the right type of assistance, you can spend the time needed to help both your work and family lives flourish. Then, you can find the balance important to living The EOS Life.

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