We Run on EOS®

Spotlighting inspirational businesses that are successfully implementing EOS to overcome challenges, strengthen their businesses, and achieve success.

Getting Clarity and Motivation by Running on EOS™

By Running on EOS, LAUFT not only survived multiple pandemic lockdowns but came out prepared to change its industry completely.

Why EOS® Changed One Business Owner’s Opinion of Business Systems

Charles Thayer never wanted to have systems holding down his creativity. When he first heard about EOS he was hesitant, but once he learned how to use all the tools and disciplines and how to use them correctly, EOS helped his business grow.

Finding the Focus to Grow Intentionally

Hot Dish Advertising experienced periods of intense growth that inevitably would plateau. By Running on EOS, the Hot Dish Advertising team learned how to overcome hitting the ceiling.

Powerhouse Female Visionary Held a Difficult Hand Until She Changed the Game

Operating a family business across multiple generations can prove incredibly challenging. A lot simply fold after the first generation retires, but running on EOS allowed this family business to grow.

Building HGC’s Academy Made Work Fun Again

In 2015, Brian McManus, Visionary and current owner of HGC, found himself in an interesting place. Former owner and second-generation leader of the family business …

From Haircuts to Overall Pet Health

Tim Vogel took a while before he even considered taking the entrepreneurial leap. Tim was eventually introduced to EOS® and began applying the concepts to his company while encouraging other entrepreneurs to do the same.


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