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Brynn Gibbs, co-founder and co-visionary* of Consumer Fusion, knows firsthand the pain and repercussions of online slander. Once a victim of cyberbullying herself, she, along with her husband, Mark Spencer, has created a business devoted to helping companies manage their online reputations.

After assisting a family friend with the revenge trolling his business was going through, they discovered incredible demand for their services. Soon, a business Brynn started as a side hustle blossomed into a full-time operation. It quickly transformed into an enterprise model to support multiple locations and brands.

But without repeatable processes, Consumer Fusion started from scratch with every new client. Frustrated, they knew they had the potential to help many more companies if they could find a way to make things easier.

Through franchising networks, Mark learned about EOS®. After listening to the audio version of Traction, Mark and Brynn were convinced it could help them.

After trying to self-implement for about six months, a colleague Running on EOS™ suggested they enlist the help of an EOS Implementer®. Eventually, they met Expert EOS Implementer™ Scott Rusnak and got to work.


Brynn and Mark intentionally created a tight-knit company atmosphere with personal touch points with each of their clients. So as their business grew and they improved their processes, they wanted to ensure they didn’t sacrifice their strong team culture or client intimacy.

By working with Scott, Brynn and Mark put their company values into writing to solidify what they valued most. This way, as they grew, they would stay true to their vision.

Brynn said the majority of Consumer Fusion’s clients are good companies that want to have a great reputation because they truly care. Through their work with Scott, they could take a step back and turn down potential clients with questionable issues.

“We work with small, medium, and large companies; we don’t say no to anyone who needs help,” Brynn said. “But we’re not here to make a bad company look good. We’re here to make a good company look great.”

Brynn and Mark also used their company values to hire, fire, and promote people who aligned well with them. And one of their first hires was their current Integrator™, Elisa Aguilar.

“In my opinion, a strong Integrator was the most important part for us,” Brynn said. “Elisa keeps us all on pace and organized. We wouldn’t be this successful without such a strong Integrator.”


From there, the leadership team took the time to create an organizational structure that allowed them to grow by filling seats with the right people. Then they created “The Book of Consumer Fusion,” their operational manual with easily repeatable steps for every department.

Other things took a little longer to get used to. For example, Brynn said it took a while to get the hang of following the Level 10 Meeting™ agenda purely. Previously, during Scorecard and Rock reviews, when reporting was only supposed to be “on track” or “off track,” everyone would jump in to add their two cents.

Now “Tangent alert!” has become a common joke as they save the discussion for the IDS® (Identify, Discuss, and Solve) portion of the meeting.

Brynn said they also understand the importance of “overcommunicating” to keep everyone on the same page. The increased level of transparency has led to the organization achieving more of its goals.

“We never really set specific deadlines before EOS,” Brynn said. “Then I started noticing things were getting done when we set dates for them. Everything felt so organized for the first time ever.”


Despite having roughly the same number of employees, they’ve transitioned to outsourcing certain tasks. Now Consumer Fusion has the capacity to take on larger accounts, allowing the team to grow in different ways.

This means that they’re set up for exponential growth over the next three to five years. More importantly, the ability to scale their business and achieve audacious goals has not cost them the core values they hold so dear.

“Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of business owners cry to me about the unfair and inappropriate things posted about them online,” Brynn said. “I truly love what we do, and I’m passionate about getting those things removed for them. EOS has provided the framework to allow us to help more owners without losing that sense of client intimacy.”

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*EOS does not normally recommend a company have two Visionaries.

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