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Gaining Traction by Identifying Your Quarterly Rocks

One of the most important outcomes of effective business coaching is to teach business owners and leadership teams how to gain Traction in their business through the regular development of goals and priorities that are constantly being reviewed and refined. Traction in a business isn’t just about increasing sales or developing a bigger customer base. Leadership teams gain traction by narrowing their focus to just the most important priorities for the next 90 days. In the world of EOS business coaching, we call these priorities your “Quarterly Rocks”.

Developing your team’s Quarterly Rocks helps to define your priorities each quarter so that everyone is united on each of the objectives set forward for the quarter. Having quarterly meetings to establish your Rocks keeps leadership teams laser focused and working towards completing your objectives each quarter, and helps to focus on the future.

The Quarterly Rocks process works by having leadership teams come together every 90 days to establish their top priorities for the next 90 days, with heavy consideration placed on the goals of the 1-Year Plan and ultimately, the 3-Year Picture. Through this focusing session, the leadership team decides on the most important priorities to execute in order to be on track for the 1-Year Plan, which puts them on the right path for even longer-range goals.

Creating a “90 Day World” for your company provides clarity and focus so that everyone, from the leadership team on down the line is working toward the same goals while keeping long-range goals in mind as well. Meeting as a group and developing your Quarterly Rocks isn’t always an easy process, but it’s one that when executed correctly, can successfully bring leadership teams together and provide a sense of increased traction throughout the organization.

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