Do All Your Employees Know Where Your Company is Going?

All EOS companies use a two page document called the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) to take a simple, effective approach to strategic planning. By answering the eight questions on the V/TO, they capture what hopefully was in their heads to begin with and make it available for all employees to see – who they are, what they are, where they are going, and how they are going to get there.

The fifth section on the V/TO is titled the 3-Year Picture. This is where the leadership of the company has a chance to express in vivid terms where the company is going to be in 3-years. Your finance team might relate to EBITDA and margin, but beyond perhaps your top line revenue, most employees have a difficult time seeing in their mind’s eye what the company will look like in the future and, importantly, how and where they will fit in. Is there any opportunity to build a career here or not?

That is why we ask EOS executives to describe in five to fifteen simple phrases what the company will look like in just three short years. How many offices will it have? How many employees? Will there be new products or services? How many customers might it have? You get the idea.

If everyone can see the future state of the company and relate to it, you will get there faster and your best people will still be with you.

If the simplicity of the V/TO appeals to you, you can download a copy here.

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