Leadership Team Development #13 – Great Leaders Act For the Greater Good

Great leaders do 5 things: 1) They give clear direction; 2) They provide the necessary tools; 3) They let go and 4) They act with the greater good in mind. After creating clear openings, providing the right tools and resources and letting go so your people can run, you must always act for the good of your direct reports and the entire organization.

Whatever your leadership team has captured as your collective vision for your organization must come first – that’s the greater good. I’m not saying that the company vision trumps your family, but it does trump your own personal business interests.

Job protecting and politicking to your own advantage or advancement isn’t acting with the greater good in mind. All your actions must align with the company vision. You must lead your people by example in this regard. Your walking the talk and leading by example will help produce an environment where everyone acts with the greater good in mind – the company vision leads and guides the actions of all.

Takeaway point for this week:

  • Answer this question: I am always acting with the greater good in mind – yes or no? If your answer is most of the time or with most of my direct reports, it’s no. To be a great leader every person reporting to you needs to see you walking the talk.

Encouragement: Weakness in this area may be harder to admit to your fellow leaders than other weaknesses. Who wants to admit they have been acting selfishly? The journey to a healthier leadership team and organization begins with honesty. Make sure your leadership team vision is clear – you all are on the same page – then lead your people forward by being a great example.

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