Setting Your Rocks: How to Manage the Next 90 Days of the Business

Once a leadership team has completed The Vision Component™, it’s time to list the short-term tasks that will contribute to achieving their vision. These priorities, or “Rocks”, are the 3-7 priorities you’ll focus on for the next 90 days. Instead of being overwhelmed with how to accomplish the big stuff by only looking at annual goals, breaking everything down into a “90 Day World” helps goals and priorities become much more manageable. Breaking down goals into bite-size chunks, or Rocks, leaves teams free to focus on what is most important. This increased intensity and focus on clear goals is what helps leadership teams gain traction on the business.

The key to developing the most effective Rocks for the business is to start out with a clear vision that has been clearly communicated throughout the organization. When the business has a clear Vision, it’s easier to coordinate the different steps it will take along the way to get there.

Business coaches, or EOS Implementers™, teach business leaders how to set rocks for the company as a whole first, and then for each individual on the leadership team second. Once the Rocks have been established and everyone clearly understands their responsibilities and the expected date of completion, it’s time to communicate those priorities to the entire organization. As individual departments create their own Rocks, it creates top-down alignment between the business’s Rocks and the Vision. The increased clarity that comes with the 90-Day World view makes it easier for leadership teams to achieve their goals and priorities, and makes it easier for individual departments to assist in accomplishing them.

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