Issues Component™ Roundup: 5 Posts To Move You Towards 100% Strong

Your ability as a team and an organization to succeed is in direct proportion to your ability to solve problems and make the most of opportunities. The better you get at these abilities, the more successful you become.

The two EOS® Tools to help you Identify, Discuss, and Solve (IDS™) for problems and opportunities are the Issues List and the Issues Solving Track™, both part of the EOS Issues Component™.

Here are five blog posts to help you solve your most pressing problems and make the most of opportunities, moving you towards 100% strong in the Issues Component:

Are Your Company Issues Too Big To Solve?

Are Your Company Issues Too Big To Solve?

It’s important to understand the difference between a symptom and the real (root) issue. Symptoms are hard to pin down because they’re usually vague. Once you can identify the real issue at its root, then you can actually go about discussing and solving.

What If Your Issues List Isn’t Working?

What If Your Issues List Isn’t Working?

EOS provides tools to help you solve your company’s issues for good. Over time, you should be seeing fewer issues and gaining new ground as an organization. But if it seems like you’re rehashing the same issues over and over again, you may have Issues List Fatigue. Here’s how to solve it.

The Power of the Issues List​

The Power of the Issues List

In EOS companies, we teach the power of the Issues List. And while many times, an issue may be a problem that needs to be addressed, an issue can also be opportunity. Regardless of whether an issue is a problem or an opportunity, having an Issues List is useless unless the culture of the organization makes it safe for anyone and everyone to call out issues for what they are.

wo angry business partners and family members fighting

Solving a Family Feud in a Family Business

When tensions boil over and family members on the leadership team have at it, nothing gets done and everyone else loses trust that they can be open and honest with each other. While this can happen in any business, it seems particularly common in family businesses. Thankfully, there’s a way to solve it.

No Issues is an Issue: Improving Meeting Engagement

The best teams and the best companies in the world thrive because of healthy conflict. It is the type of conflict that is founded in passionate debates about finding the “right” answer or strong conversations in search of the truth. Healthy conflict is aimed at ideas, opportunities, points of friction, and making team processes or business better.

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