Leading in a 90-Day World™

I just returned from the EOS Worldwide QCE™ (Quarterly Collaboration Exchange™) where I met with other EOS Implementers™ from across the globe to collaborate on our work and set new goals for this quarter. What better time to rehash a previous blog on tackling your business 90 days at a time? I hope this helps you determine priorities for a big impact in your upcoming quarter.

EOS-seasonal-580x365pxTake Small Bites

Effective leadership comes in small chunks. If you try to swallow the whole enchilada, you won’t get anything out of it. That’s why it’s best to work one bite at a time.

I love to see my clients light up when they learn the power of the 90-Day World. There’s something magical about 90 days – not too short, not too long. It’s just right. Of course, what you pack into those three months makes all the difference.

For example, the system I teach (EOS®) is built around “Rocks.” Simply put, we help leadership teams identify and commit to the three to seven most important things that must get done within the next 90 days. These “90-Day Rocks” directly correlate to the company’s vision. The clearer the vision, the more confident leaders can be that they’re setting the right Rocks.

Imagine everyone on your team setting SMART Rocks – goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Then imagine weekly meetings where all members of the team succinctly state their Rocks and whether they’re “on track” or “off track.” This creates awareness and accountability among the team so that people don’t get distracted by the day-to-day stuff and forget to focus on what’s really important.

Stay On Track

At the beginning of the 90 days, most people are usually “on track.” But somewhere around the end of the first month, some will start reporting “off track.” The beauty of this system is that you still have time to refocus and correct course – but only if there’s a high level of trust among team members and an open, honest environment where everyone is willing to be vulnerable.

When you reach that point, watch out! Anything is possible when team members communicate clearly and transparently. Problems get flushed out quickly. More importantly, they get solved before they become crises!

At the end of the 90-Day period, you get to evaluate results, i.e., what worked and what didn’t work. Then you can use what you’ve learned to set new Rocks for the next 90 days. You can forget about the past (other than the lessons you learned) and just move forward. Do this quarter by quarter, and I guarantee you’ll reach your milestones more quickly and with more impact.

Ninety days. That’s all you need to change your world and get more of what you want from your business!

Next Steps

This post originally appeared on the BlueCore Leadership Blog on September 5, 2018.

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