The Fractional Integrator, a Part-Time #2

As a Fractional Integrator™, you’re the solution for Visionaries who aren’t quite ready for a full-time Integrator. You’re the saving grace for entrepreneurial companies who know they need your unique skills but are still growing and can’t commit to a full-time role just yet.

A Part-Time Solution

Working as a Fractional Integrator presents a unique set of challenges that many other Integrators don’t face. Instead of dedicating a full workweek to integrating the major functions of an organization, you do it in half the time, or in some cases even less than that.

But the value you bring to an organization cannot be understated. An Integrator is one of the rarest entrepreneurial commodities and you bring value to organizations often in their earliest stages.

Going Slow to Go Fast

More so than in nearly any other case, part-time Integrators face the challenge of working with Visionaries who want to go fast but must first go slow. With only a fraction of the time allotted to full-time Integrators, being a master of prioritization is more crucial than ever.

There are millions of ideas in play and in addition to the other factors that keep everything from happening all at once, time is even more limited. This challenge makes great Level 10 Meetings™ your best friend.

Alignment on 90 Day Priorities

Time is of the essence and working part-time means there is less of it to go around. For most Visionary/Integrator™ Duos agreement on 90 day priorities is a common point of contention.

For you and your Visionary, it will be even more critical to get this right. There is only so much time you’ve been paid to invest and to make the most of it you’ll need tools like the Issues Solving Track™ and Rocks™ at the ready to work at peak efficiency.

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Hand-Off Vs. Full-Time Transition

Another unique feature of the fractional model is the end. There will come a time when the organization you’re working with will have to make a choice: approach you about coming on full-time, decide to hire a full-time Integrator, or push on without one.

Many fractional agreements see the part-time #2 as the bridge between the before and after for the organization. You may have the privilege of training or mentoring the new Integrator that you’ll pass the baton off to, or maybe you’ll partake in helping find one.

On the other hand, you may be asked to come on full-time, in which case you’ll have the opportunity to do all of the things there was never enough time for and give the full depths of your talent to push your new company through the ceiling.

Preparing for the Fractional Role

Because of the unique challenges of being a part-time #2, being well-versed in the tools and knowledge at your disposal can be a game changer. Completing the final assessment in Rocket Fuel 101 can help you gain a foundation for how you might be most impactful on a limited schedule but attending the Integrator Masterclass can put you over the top and make you a force to be reckoned with.

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