The Road To “Healthy”

Jeanet Wade
Jeanet Wade

Some entrepreneurs get the entrepreneurial “bug” early in life…

They enthrall you with stories about how they were able to fill a glass Mason jar with the coins they got from their first lemonade stand on mom and dad’s front lawn.

Then there are entrepreneurs like Jeanet Wade who didn’t have the entrepreneurial bug growing up. Instead, it snuck up on her and bit her later in life.

As an Expert EOS Implementer™, her entrepreneur-to-EOS Implementer story may not be ‘traditional’, but she is living proof that EOS Implementers come from every type of background imaginable and are making an impact on the world.

Innovation From Inside the Bureaucracy

“I was needing a kind of a kick-start reboot and that experience only lasted a year because they were missing ‘healthy’. They were just a highly toxic dysfunctional team which made me realize that

the common denominator of success or failure is people. Being in that toxic environment helped me to see that a company can’t succeed without being healthy.”

From Toxic Environment To EOS Healthy

She left the startup and went back to her marketing firm. But this time, she focused on helping companies with strategy, execution, and functionality which is the rough equivalent to EOS’s “Vision, Traction®, Healthy”.

In 2013, her business coach at the time told her that what she was doing what sounded a lot like what he was reading in a book called Traction. Jeanet ended up reading the book in one night then called EOS and signed up for the EOS Implementer Boot Camp™.

“What I came to understand is that toxic workplaces can’t succeed, even if they’re well funded and have a great plan. So I became an EOS implementer… the next leg of my entrepreneurial journey.”

Since that decision, Jeanet has taken her EOS implementation to new heights becoming one of a small group of EOS Implementers who have conducted over 500 EOS sessions.

“As EOS Implementers, our job is to teach, facilitate, and coach. I would say that the teaching part seems to get easier at 100 sessions. The facilitation gets easier at 300, and the seamless coaching seems to happen at 500. That’s been my experience, but the facilitating and coaching takes a little longer because you have to see so many variations, so much humanity, just to figure that one out.”

For Jeanet, it’s a real art and science to help teams get healthy because It’s different for every culture, every team.

“That’s what keeps me going because what keeps it innovative and unique is that each team has its own unique formulation of people.”

It’s what makes each day a thrill as an EOS Implementer: new discoveries and insights, new breakthroughs, new challenges. She has discovered that while humanity is basically the same, there are always surprises. Because when it comes to working with leadership teams, she hasn’t seen it all. And yet, to her, the beauty of humanity is that she expects she never will.

Jeanet Wade in EOS session

Doing The Work You Love

And through it all, Jeanet knows that she can count on the support of the EOS Implementer Community™.

“Being part of that community gives you a feeling like there’s a group of people that are always there, and they always care, even when you’re not involved with them on a daily basis. They’ll always be there for me. And with all due love and respect, it’s my favorite work family.”

“What keeps me motivated on this journey is being able to join with entrepreneurs and to really see them succeed every day, in both big and small ways,” Jeanet says. And for those who are considering becoming an EOS Implementer, she has some sage advice…

“Becoming an EOS implementer means being at your best all the time, being able to impact others all the time, and being able to facilitate, teach, and coach at high mastery levels. I would definitely really think hard and decide if that’s what you’re passionate about in the world. If so, you’ll be a rock star Professional EOS Implementer®!”

To date, Jeanet hasn’t opened a lemonade stand and you won’t find her shaking a Mason jar filled with coins from a hard day of selling lemonade. But you will find her building healthy teams and healthy bottom lines. And, she’s challenged herself entrepreneurially by writing a book with ForbesBooks (The Human Team: So, You Created A Team But People Showed Up!) which has already made its way into the top 10 of Amazon’s Business Teams new releases!

“I’m getting the most out of my business. I’m loving it. I’m working with people I love: my clients and the EOS Community. I’m making a difference.” 

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