Implementer Spotlight

Showcasing EOS Implementers who have a passion for helping entrepreneurial business owners and leadership teams strengthen and reenergize their businesses.

Dan Zawacki

Certified EOS Implementer® Dan Zawacki

Some past generations would call someone with a big personality a real ham. Not Certified EOS Implementer® Dan Zawacki, though. They’d call him a real lobster. Why? Who else could grow a successful company selling Lobstergrams and not be a little crustacean in the head?

Lynda Martin

Certified EOS Implementer® Lynda Martin

Certified EOS Implementer® Lynda Martin came from a whole family of entrepreneurs, but they called themselves “business people.” Although she spent a good portion of her adulthood running away from entrepreneurship, the bug had already bit. Coupled with her innate desire to help people, Lynda found her calling through EOS® to make a difference in people’s lives.

Nathan Fox

A Full-Body “YES!”

EOS Certified Implementer®, Nathen Fox hopes to leave behind a better community by helping others achieve their dreams through using EOS.

Don Maranca

No Need to Start Something New

Certified EOS Implementer® Don Maranca found himself incredibly frustrated with existing business models. In fact, he’d started developing his own plan to holistically and systematically help his business clients. Then Don picked up the book Traction by EOS® Founder Gino Wickman.

Al Moscardelli

Don’t Sell. Serve!

Certified EOS Implementer™, Al Moscardelli encourages new Implementers as they focus on following the process, trusting the process, and continuing to improve.

Jeanet Wade

The Road To “Healthy”

Expert EOS Implementer™, Jeanet Wade’s entrepreneur-to-EOS Implementer® story may not be ‘traditional’, but she is living proof that EOS Implementers come from every type of background imaginable and are making an impact on the world.


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