Got Humans?

Got_humans.jpgI define a business as a group that takes human energy and creates value. Since humans are an integral part of any business, we need to think about their limitations. Actually, as humans, we have a lot of limitations. We can’t run 60 miles an hour, we are not able to teleport, and the one that upsets me the most, we can’t fly.

One that is less obvious but just as much a limitation is that we don’t have the ability to focus for more than 90 days. This limitation is one of the main reasons strategic planning or yearly planning falls short.

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Celebrate the small wins and build a culture of accomplishment

celebrate_the_small_wins.jpgcelebrate_the_small_wins.jpgcelebrate_the_small_wins.jpgAll too often, leaders and managers of teams in business, overlook the importance of celebrating small wins. Have you ever heard your boss say “It’s about time this team made some progress”? (I know I have in my early career in corporate sales) Although the intent was to recognize progress, the tone was negative and uninspiring.  

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