The Quarterly Conversation – What’s Stopping You?

One of the highest impact disciplines you can practice as a leader/manager is the quarterly conversation. 

After teaching it to our clients for more than 15 years, the feedback and results are undeniable. It’s high-impact, due to the limited time it requires (one hour per quarter, per direct report) and the outcomes it produces. The outcomes are issues getting solved, improved communication, faster growth, and a stronger and healthier bond between you and your direct report, just to name a few. The math is a no-brainer. 

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The Power of a Positive Word

closeup of two people grasping hands to show the power of a positive wordA few weeks ago, during a two-day annual planning session, I witnessed a truly poignant moment. The leadership team was participating in the “One Thing” exercise, designed to improve trust and team health. It requires each leader to provide every other team-member with two pieces of feedback – one positive and one constructive.

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