Start Every Meeting Right – The Segue

If in less than five minutes at the beginning of every meeting you could do a simple discipline that would

  • Segueget everyone’s brains engaged in the meeting and their minds set right;
  • erase all unproductive negative emotions, feelings, and history that destroy meetings;
  • let everyone know where each other’s heads are;
  • get everyone to connect; and
  • build team health and functionality

… would you do it?

It’s called a segue, and there are many types. Starting every meeting with a segue, as we have all clients do, improves the meeting’s outcome.

A segue is any form of sharing in five minutes or less (any longer than five minutes will start to lose value) that kicks off all meetings. It’s a segue because you are segueing from the day-to-day fray to accomplishing a very specific objective. Segues are things such as these:

  • Any personal good news?
  • Any professional good news?
  • Any good personal and professional news?
  • Where’s your head?
  • What’s working?
  • Any highlights from the weekend
  • What’s the biggest win in the last seven days?

We recommend starting every meeting with the personal and professional good news segue, as it’s the simplest and easiest one to do.

Try it; it works.

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