The G in GWC

G in GWCIn EOS terminology, GWC stands for Gets It, Wants It, and has the Capacity to do the job. It’s half of what we mean when we say you should follow the EOS analog to Jim Collin’s dictum and Get All the Right People in All the Right Seats. Besides sharing your values, each employee should be perfect for the position, or seat, being filled. I provide additional detail in an earlier post entitled How Do You Decide Who You Should Hire?

Gino Wickman recently wrote a post about what Gets It means. The defining statement he offers is “Get it is aptitude; or the natural ability for something. An intuitive feel or grasp of what the job is, how it works and how to do it. Natural feel; biochemistry.”

One of our certified EOS implemeters in Chicago, Dan Wallace, offered the following story (joke?) as an unconventional way of explaining the G in GWC.

Four doctors go out duck hunting, a family doctor, a gynecologist, a surgeon and a pathologist. A bird flies overhead. The family doctor starts to shoot it, but stops because he isn’t absolutely sure it’s a duck. The gynecologist starts to shoot it, but he stops, too, because even though he’s pretty sure it’s a duck, he can’t tell if it’s male or female. The surgeon blows the bird out of the sky, turns to the pathologist and says, “Go see if that’s a duck.”

Does that help clear it up for you? Perhaps that explains the natural tension between sales people and finance people? What do you think?

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