Blog Round Up: Gaining Traction With Rocks

When it comes to priorities, you may have heard the term ‘Rocks’, first popularized by Stephen Covey in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He defined Rocks as your most important priorities, the things you must get done before urgent things that come up as well as daily interruptions. 

In EOS®, we took this definition further to define Rocks as the three to seven most important priorities for your company, the ones that must be done in the next 90 days. 

To help you create the results you want for your business, we gathered these five blog posts to help you set, manage, and knock your Rocks out of the park!

round rockIs That Really a Rock?

There is no magic formula for what constitutes a Rock — it’s simply a priority that will take longer than seven days (those action items are To-Dos) and up to ninety days to complete. Read More



man writing on whiteboard

Managing Your Rocks

If you work first on your biggest priorities, i.e., your Rocks, everything else falls into place. Read More




climber gripping a rockWhy do Some Rocks Feel Like Boulders?

Well-thought-out Rocks with clear impact ensure consistent progress towards reaching your Vision – one quarter at a time. But remember, you can get help completing them and come up with a strategy to manage those BIG Rocks. Do that and you may find your Rocks start feeling more like pebbles! Read More


sticky notes for appointment reminders on car steering wheelDo You Treat Your Rocks as a Separate Job?

We want to make sure we are focusing on the top priorities during the day. The things that will take our organization, our department and ourselves to the next level. Work on the things that matter most, not the reactive non-priority work. Read More


crushed rock

Four Tips for “Crushing” Your Rocks Every Quarter

With clearly worded Rocks, well-thought-out plans for getting them done, the time set aside to focus, and periodic check-ins to stay on track, you’ll be crushing your Rocks in no time. Read More

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