Do You Know Your Customer’s “Psychographics”?

Customer psychographics

Customer psychographics

The Vision/Traction Organizer™ includes a section called “Marketing Strategy.” It is designed to identify who your ideal customer is and what you should be saying to them in all your marketing and sales campaigns.

A clear, well-defined marketing strategy must align with your Core Focus™. A clear, well-defined marketing strategy enables your people to

Are You Solving the Wrong Issues?

The most common challenge leadership teams encounter as they learn to IDS™ (Identify, Discuss, Solve) issues is that they move straight to discussion without identifying the root cause of the issue. There is only one difficulty with that approach – the issue is merely a symptom of what is truly happening. If you start discussing right away, you will most likely solve the wrong issue.

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Enter The Danger, Exit With Results

Every session with one of our Leadership Teams starts with what we call the “Check In,” which generally consists of several questions that help us transition from working “in” our business to working “on” our business. One question is always, “What are your expectations for today?”

I check in after each member of the Leadership Team is done. And my ongoing expectation is always, “Please be open and honest – just say it.” And this is one of the most difficult behaviors for a Leadership Team to exhibit – for lots of reasons.

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Make Better Business Decisions

“The roads of the world are paved with squirrels that couldn’t decide.”

This insight was shared by a fellow EOS® Implementer at our quarterly gathering in Detroit in February. It paints a very clear mental picture, doesn’t it? The ability to make a decision is one of the characteristics of all great leaders. Some people are great at making decisions; others find it challenging.

Make Better Business Decisions

Decisions exist on two levels – intellectual and emotional. Our intellect tells us we “should” do something — expand our business, resolve that personnel issue, refine our marketing plan, work fewer hours, reduce overhead.

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